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Welcome to the UHSM Research and Development Directorate


Our aim is to draw on the Trust's areas of clinical excellence and its strong research base to promote and implement research which contributes to improvements in patient care and the knowledge base; fosters multidisciplinary working; links with clinical and corporate governance; informs the development of clinical standards and aims to improve clinical services to patients and users.


The Research and Development strategy acknowledges the need to manage research, development and dissemination within the national and local frameworks of Research and Development policies and priorities. The Trust is committed to delivering a research agenda which is responsive to national guidance for clinical and cost-effectiveness and for systematic measures to monitor and improve quality.


There are on average 250-300 research projects active during a typical year supported by several million pounds of external funding with up to twenty thousand patients participating.


With over 900 peer-reviewed publications in the last three years research findings are informing local and national practice and policy.

****Please note we have now moved offices please see new address below.

Research and Development Directorate, First Floor NIHR Building, University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, Southmoor Road, Manchester, M23 9QZ

Telephone numbers have stayed the same.

Fax no: 0161 291 4651


To be a Chief Investigator on a UHSM sponsored research study the following must apply:

You must have a substantive contract with UHSM or an honorary clinical contract with UHSM by the time the study has been given R&D approval (or, in the case of a CTIMP study, by the time the Green Light has been given).


In the case of CTIMPs only, have their eligibility confirmed by the Sponsor Oversight Committee prior to confirmation of sponsorship for the study.

To confirm our position with regard to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training ^ requirements at UHSM:

-    All UHSM PIs must have up-to-date GCP training*
-    All UHSM staff undertaking research activities must have up-to-date GCP training*
-    All visiting staff, undertaking research activities at UHSM must have up-to-date GCP training*
-    In exceptional circumstances, where staff (but not PIs) are involved only in a discrete part of a study, a bespoke GCP training package specific to that role may be put on by UHSM R&D and/or affiliated research staff but this will be at the discretion of Faye O’Keeffe, Research Governance Manager (or a designated deputy in her absence)

^ GCP training refers to online or face-to-face GCP training with an independent and recognised trainer e.g. the NIHR.

* Up-to-date GCP training refers to training undertaken in the last 2 years. Where staff previously held GCP training that has since lapsed, a 3 month grace period will be allowed, therefore 2 years and 3 months after GCP training has been undertaken it will not be classed as valid.

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