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About Us

MERG (Multi-professional Evidence-based practice and Research Group) has been established to improve the quality of care to patients and their families through the sustained facilitation, within the Trust, of critical thinking, evidence-based practice, and research by nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs). General aims of the group include:

  1. Creating a culture of inquiry, critical thinking, and receptivity to change among nurses, midwives and AHPs.
  2. Increasing research capacity among multi-professional staff.
  3. Providing care to patients and families that is consistent with best available evidence.
  4. Developing a programme of multi-professional research with a particular emphasis on patient and family experiences.

To meet these aims, the group has composed a three year strategic plan, which you visit by going to the documents page. You can also keep up-to-date with the groupís activities by visiting its events page.

MERG brings together a range of personnel from across the Trust and is chaired by Professor Christi Deaton (Professor of Nursing). Others members are as follows:

Further details of our work can be found in the Three Year Strategic Plan for the group.