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Useful Links

Some useful websites about evidence-based practice and research.

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP)

This website contains a range of tools that can be used in practice to appraise research. Appraisal tools covering the following types of research can be downloaded for free:

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine

This organisation provides a range of online resources to support practitioners wishing to use evidence to inform their clinical work. The site includes sections on:

The Cochrane Library - An Introduction

Information about the Cochrane Collaboration, which develops and disseminates systematic reviews on healthcare topics.

Tips on Advanced and MESH searching

Advice on how to search in the electronic Cochrane Library

How to Read a Medical Paper

This introduction to reading medical research focuses on quantitative studies.

The Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)

Contains forms to be completed to obtain ethical approval for research conducted within the NHS.

Health Research & Development North West

Provides research design advice to people developing proposals for external peer reviewed funding.

Research & Development Funding

A database of health-related research funding, which you can search if you are trying to secure a grant (big or small) for a study.

Research & Development Learning

A database of health related training, conferences and workshops.

The Research Process

A useful flowchart that documents the stages involved in conducting a piece of research.