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TrusTECH the North West NHS Innovation Hub

If you have a good idea that appears to be novel and may be of benefit to other NHS organisations, then you should contact TrusTECH. TrusTECH is the NHS Innovation Hub for the North West and is based at Manchester Royal Infirmary. It was established over 7 years ago following an NHS initiative and has dealt with over 700 ideas from NHS staff.

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How TrusTECH can help

If you would like to hear how TrusTECH has helped other NHS staff with their ideas, see our testimonials.

If you would like to find out more about what types of ideas TrusTECH has worked on, see our case studies.

How to contact TrusTECH

The technology manager who looks after the CMMC trust is Dr Joanne Thomas, (0161 276 6965).

If you would like to know more about how the UHSM trust interacts with TrusTECH contact Dr Andrew Maines, Head of R&D (0161 291 5770).