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Research is not just for Researchers, patients and the public can be involved too. New research cannot lead to reliable findings unless the right patients agree to join in.

If you take part in a Clinical Trial you may be one of the first people to benefit from a new treatment, or when you have standard treatment as part of a clinical trial you can help to test whether that treatment is better and safer than a new treatment. Clinical Trials can help to find out if treatments are safe or have any side effects, and see if new treatments are better than available standard treatments. Trials can help prevent illnesses by testing a vaccine, detect or diagnose illnesses by testing a scan or blood test, treat illnesses by testing a new medicine, find out how best to provide psychological support, find out how people can control their symptoms or improve their quality of life by testing how a particular diet affects a condition.

Clinical Trials follow a set of rules, known as a Protocol, to ensure they are well designed and as safe as possible, so that they measure the right things in the right way and that the results are meaningful. Each Trial will also provide a Patient Information Sheet, detailing what is involved, how the trial will work and provide you with all the information you will need should you wish to take part in one of our trials.

Please see below a listing of areas currently undertaking research, please click on the Title Link below to find out further information.

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